Macha – Danu Skincare Collaboration


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In collaboration with Danu Skincare, fusing the creativity of two small Irish creative businesses, both inspired by the land and myths of Ireland.

One of the fiercest goddesses in Irish mythology is the beautiful Macha. She is an imposing woman armed with powerful magic (as well as a taste for revenge). Macha is associated with the land, kingship, battle, horses, crows and fertility, and now thanks to the wonderful product from Danu Skincare, a goddess blend perfume oil. This perfume was inspired by Macha from inception, and wears that inspiration on its sleeve (and its label).

In some tales Macha is a Queen of Ireland, and in others she fights as a druid alongside her famous sisters Badb and The Morrigan. However, in the most famous of her tales she appears as the fairy wife of Cruinniuc (a wealthy farmer from Ulster). Against her wishes, Cruinniuc brags to the King about Macha, and she is forced to race (despite being in labour). She wins the race proving Cruinniuc’s claim, however for his prize the men of Ulster are cursed with nine days of labour pain at the time of their greatest need. Macha passes away, but her curse lives on.

This is an 8″ x 8″ high quality giclée print, printed on beautiful Hahnemühle William Turner paper and signed by Shelly Mooney.