My name is Shelly Mooney, and I’m the face behind everything you see here on Tales From The Wood. Born and based in County Wexford, I spent my childhood surrounded by the rich history, as well as the myths and magic of Ireland’s wild and ancient landscape.

Growing up, I developed a deep connection with the Irish countryside. Adventures from one side of the country to the other created a curiosity and love for all the history and nature that this unique little land has to offer. Meanwhile, an ever-growing love for the works of Tolkien helped fuel my fascination with mythology. And as I began to realise just how intertwined Ireland’s history and archaeology are with our mythology and folklore, it became a lifelong journey for me to learn more.

In 2008 I began my degree at UCD where I studied History and German, with a hearty dose of Archaeology on the side. After graduating, I spent a few years working in media and marketing. But a creative soul at heart, I eventually decided to leave this path to explore my passions and share my love for Ireland’s rich heritage.

In early 2020, with these goals in mind, I launched Tales From The Wood. Here I write, create and share my adventures around Ireland’s wild and ancient landscape.

The journey so far has been incredible. With a growing presence across social media, I have had the opportunity to become a children’s book illustrator, had interviews on Irish radio, collaborated on some exciting projects and made some great friends.

Please enjoy your visit to the site, feel free to check out my Instagram below if you’re interested in keeping up to date!